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I was married in 1972 to my wife at St. James Catholic Church in NYC, and took the necessary classes to learn the Catholic faith and baptize our children in the church. We baptized our three children at St. Andrews Church in Rochester, Michigan and I made sure they attended catechism through middle school. Although I attended mass for thirty-five years, it wasn’t until I went through the RCIA program in 2010, did I officially become Catholic.

My life’s work has been in visual art, film and television. I wrote and directed an independent feature film for Vestron Pictures, Going Back, starring Bruce Campbell. The film did well in the market. I have taught at the high school and college level, and I currently write for a web site where I write reviews of art exhibitions in the Midwest. For published work:

Art Reviews: under the name Ron Scott

I graduated from Wayne State University with an MA in Painting. I attended London Film School and then started writing for film and educational television. I have been producing art in the Detroit area since 1968, and this includes producing fiction and visual art using a variety of different media. I was born in Detroit, and I have resided, gone to school, and published extensively in Detroit. I have always considered myself part of the Detroit Art Community.

Since my RCIA experience, I have embarked on a series of religious iconic images painted on watercolor paper. After looking at most of the religious art completed through the ages, I asked myself, how would I portray these scenes. The series has been exhibited at national venues and is ongoing.

I have published a short story collection: Beyond: A Collection of Metaphysical Short Stories. Beyond’s Young Adult short stories cross cultures and take place in settings from North America to Europe. A metaphysical / religious motif binds the collection, and stories are set in times dating back to 1932—when swing dancing was the rage—to a recent state science competition in New Mexico. “Play” deals with a girl’s attempt to mitigate her feelings about violence in the home; in “Callanish Stones”, a young boy is found on a remote beach in Scotland, barely alive; “Finding Edith Allen” centers on a young woman in search of her birth mother; and “Mont. St. Michel” tells the story of a child raised by a Bishop in France. The stories mix male and female protagonists with families and friends, often in school or religious settings.

Beyond is a collection of 11 stories with a word count around 80,000. At Amazon:

I have just finished a new adult commercial novel, An Attraction Beyond Vows.

Synopsis: In Florence, Italy, a group of religious students from Detroit have joined an Art Restoration Fellowship at San Marco convent where they will study and restore the frescos of the famous painter Fra Angelico. Two young students in the fellowship, seminarian Finn McNelis and Felician sister Olivia Gianetti, experience an attraction that will test the commitment they made to their Catholic faith. But that is the least of the tests to come. While studying at the convent, their professor becomes embroiled in the controversy about Leonardo da Vinci's lost mural. And during a visit to the convent by Pope John Paul ll, an attempted assassination plot by the secretive Piagnoni unfolds. Finn thwarts the assassination attempt and overcomes his religious commitment to pursue and win Olivia’s heart.

I currently write and paint full time.